Bill McCuddy's Oscar Predictions: Part II

The Oscars may keep the Foxlight off the red carpet this year but that doesn't stop my annual predictions. Today: Best Actor and Best Actress.

Regardless of who wins, aren't their best performances at the moment they lose?

For Best Actress, Julianne Moore is great but she'll be 'far from Oscar' for her role in Far from Heaven.

Renee Zellweger has a real shot, but Chicago can't win everything can it? She had me at hello, but not this year.

Diane Lane deserves the Oscar just for surviving that tornado in Soho at the beginning of Unfaithful, but she'll be unfulfilled.

Salma Hayek has one brow in Frida, but will get no Oscar.

That leaves Nicole Kidman. I'm as tired as you are of all the "by a nose" jokes, but even though I hated The Hours she was the best thing in it and she'll take home the Oscar.

For Best Actor, in Gangs of New York Daniel Day-Lewis looks and acts too much like Snidely Whiplash.

In Adaptation Nicolas Cage plays two guys. They can both act, but neither one will take home an Oscar.

Michael Caine plays The Quiet American and he'll be quiet when they announce the winner on Sunday

Jack Nicholson was my early choice. He plays against type in About Schmidt and everyone else thinks he's going to win. But not me.

I think the upset of the night will be when first-time nominee Adrien Brody takes home the Oscar. He lost weight, sequestered himself and learned to play the piano -- a smart move in a movie called The Pianist.

That's exactly how it will all shape up Oscar night unless, of course, I'm wrong.