Bill McCuddy's Oscar Predictions: Part I

The Oscars may keep the Foxlight off the red carpet this year but that doesn't stop my annual predictions.

Today I’ll give you my picks for the best supporting categories -- and yes they do count. At least to the nominees.

Six months ago I said Paul Newman was on the right ‘road.’ It went to place called Perdition. Great salad dressing. No Oscar.

Ed Harris was so over the top in The Hours, if he hadn't jumped out of that window I would have pushed him.

John C. Reilly is the new Philip Seymour Hoffman -- he's in everything -- except the winner's circle.

That leaves the frontrunner Chris Cooper who was sensational in Adaptation.

But my pick is the usually uber-creepy Christopher Walken. He looks like a headache, but plays against type in Catch Me If You Can, and Oscar voters love that. They also know this is the only sympathetic character this guy will ever play.

For best supporting actress, Queen Latifah was great in Chicago but then Bringing Down the House happened.

Julianne Moore is nominated in two films -- The Hours and Far from Heaven -- and won't win for either one. Hey, the gift basket is really nice.

Kathy Bates took her clothes off in About Schmidt. It was gutsy, but I felt the same way Nicholson did: Get me out of here.

Meryl Streep automatically gets nominated, I think it's now one of the Academy by-laws.

That just leaves Catherine Zeta-Jones. Sure, she sues tabloids because she thinks they make her look fat, and those cell phone commercials are dopey, but she is the best thing about Chicago so she'll be part of that sweep. Plus I think she's married to a famous guy.

That's who'll win, unless of course, I'm wrong.