Former President Bill Clinton (search) got a front-row seat in the White House Monday for a hearty welcome at the unveiling of his official portrait and that of former first lady Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (search).

The reception and reappraisal of the 42nd president's performance was unexpectedly generous from the current president, George W. Bush. At one point in his tribute, President Bush even had the former president red from laughter.

Clinton's appearance Monday was just the start of what could be considered the Comeback Kid's revival tour. His autobiography hits the shelves next week accompanied by national television interviews and a book tour. The reappearance comes right before John Kerry's coronation at the Democratic National Convention (search) next month.

"It's not a big thing, but it helps. It helps, one, because the base of the Democratic Party loves Bill Clinton," said Democratic strategist Tony Coelho.

Kerry is running on the Clinton legacy, guided by top Clinton advisers to remind swing voters about the heydays of the 1990s under Democratic leadership.

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