Bikini-Clad Coffee Servers Could Be Forced to Cover Up in Washington

A city in Washington has been flooded with complaints about what some voluptuous coffee shop workers are wearing — or not wearing — and is considering forcing them to cover up.

Everett, Wash., has had about 50 complaints in the past six months about its bikini-clad baristas who work in drive-through coffee stands, according to and other local media.

Councilman Drew Nielsen told The Everett Herald that some people have complained about the barely-dressed baristas coming out of the shops and acting provocatively to draw business.

In response, the city will weigh whether to update its lewd behavior ordinance to get drive-up business employees to put more clothes on.

The proposal, to be considered at a town meeting Wednesday night, also would cover indecent exposure. A decision could come by month's end.

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