Beyonce Knowles, 28 Days Later and Pam Anderson

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Beyonce Knowles' dirty dance, the sleeper hit 28 Days Later and Pam Anderson and Kid Rock back together in The Foxlight.

Apparently, Beyonce got a little too jiggy with it during the NBC Fourth of July special? The people who represent Ulysses S. Grant are complaining that it was closer to 'Porn on the Fourth of July.

The Grant Monument Association says a certain amount of decorum is required around a Presidential Memorial. Come on, wasn't Grant one of our hardest partying Presidents? You know, after Bill? And is it really that blasphemous? We don't even know who's buried in Grant's tomb, right?

Didn't The Foxlight tell you 28 Days Later was a great spooky movie and it was going to be a sleeper creeper hit? It's up to around $30 million. Think that's not very much? Well, the film's only in a few theaters. The real story is the per-screen average that would make some of the supposed blockbusters jealous.

Finally, Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson are back together? They were photographed hand in hand the other day in Canada. I know, who cares? Foxlight thought that too. But then I thought--it's good to contain those gene pools.