Beware of Generalities

Beware of generalities.

Beware those who say, "everyone cheats."

They don't.

Or all mortgages are collapsing.

They're not.

Or no American seems to have a good job.

Most do.

If we applied the same generalities to races, we'd be run out of town.

But now talk like this is run of the mill.

It's wrong.

And it's dangerous.

That's not to say some folks cheat. They do.

Or this economy has troubles. It does.

Or a lot of mortgages are under stress. They are.

But when we take positions and form policies based on the few and extend them to all, we not only pay a great price morally, but a great price, period.

We are better than our ills.

What's in shambles today isn't our economy, but some of our leaders.

You'll note I said, "some" of our leaders.

Not all.

Just the ones who make a shamble of the one last thing we should value.


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