Better Safe Than Sorry

What's more important to you: your wallet, or your life?

I know it sounds a bit extreme, but I think your life wins every time. And so it should. Here's how I see it: Better to be personally safe than financially stable.

That's why I find this piling on about the economy a bit misplaced. We're missing the real battle going on here.

I know this sounds heinous for a business news guy to say, but I think staying alive matters a lot more than staying profitable.

For me, it's not the economy, stupid. It's breathing, stupid.

The safer we are, the better we are.

The more protected we are, the more profitable we are.

Safer nations are more secure nations. It's no accident, as well, they are more profitable nations. And it's no accident that voters in last year's mid-term elections ignored doom-and-gloom economic arguments for national security ones.

That's why, for my money, it's not about money. It's about our security. It's about focusing on what really matters -- not on each other's stocks, but each other, period.

So the next time someone tells you it's the economy above all and beyond all, tell them to look at their kids, or their spouses, or their friends. And ask them this question: Can you put a price tag on them?

Jobs are nice. Good jobs are nicer still. But breathing in this great country is the nicest of all.

First things first.

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