Best Late-Night Eats

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No college campus is complete without the go-to spot for late night grub. From burgers to pizza — wings to dogs — these student standbys have loyal patrons lining up until the wee hours of the morning.

1. Red Hot Lovers: Ann Arbor, Michigan

What better way to top off a night out than by diving into a plate of hot and crunchy waffle cheese fries? Co-eds in Ann Arbor head to Red Hot Lovers, a burger and hot dog joint that after 25 years of open-shop, has outlasted McDonalds, Burger King, and Taco Bell on the U of M campus. “Red Hots,” now owned by a Michigan grad has become an Ann Arbor institution. Hungry students pack in until 4 a.m. to order chili cheese fries, Chicago style hot dogs, Red Hot Burgers, and the “Serious Dog,” a Vienna Beef hot dog on a poppy-seed bun, topped with melted Swiss cheese, barbeque sauce, raw onion, and home-made coleslaw.

Matt Glazier, a soon to be senior at U of M and a self proclaimed foodie said, “When I saw for the first time the ‘open late’ sign I said three words: "Oh my God." It is hard enough to get a good dog in Michigan, but to be able to get an awesome chili cheese dog at 4 a.m. is what makes Red Hot’s an ideal late night spot. The highlight at Red Hot’s has to be their cheese fries which are by far the best thing on the menu.”

For more info:
629 E. University Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(734) 996-3663

2. Jin’s Chicken and Fish: Madison, Wisconsin

When the bars close for the night in Madison, Wisconsin, hoards of students flock to a tiny food cart for the best late-night eats on campus. Jin’s Chicken and Fish, famous for their tasty sandwiches (chicken or catfish) has been at the heart of the Badger late-night scene for decades. With fast food that hits the spot, Jin’s guarantees an experience for its faithful customers. Students rave about Jin’s food and entertaining family staff who give Mad-town a taste of southern style cooking you don’t often find in the Midwest. For a discount on your sandwich, wear your Jin’s hat or sweatshirt, or stroll up to the VIP window for the royal treatment.

Ross Banon, a recent Wisconsin grad, said he loves, “Two things: the food and the scene. Nothing hits the spot quite like a Jin’s sandwich when you need to satisfy a late-night craving. Waiting on line you’ll find yourself fighting for a position next to our defensive tackle or that girl your friends keep telling you to stay away from.”

For more info:

3. News Ultra Lounge: Boston, Massachusetts

With the array of colleges in Boston, there are plenty of students looking to throw down some cash to satisfy a post-bar craving. For those willing to splurge on quality eats, “News” is the spot. A rare late-night oasis, News offers everything from wings, nachos, and pizza to calamari, crab cakes, and gourmet burgers. What makes this restaurant/lounge even more appealing is the convenience factor — they offer luxury shuttles to get patrons to and from this Boston favorite. Clearly they know their customers.

William Miach, a Boston native and regular at News says, “It is definitely a great late-night spot. After they stop serving alcohol it becomes a ridiculously upscale diner/ultra lounge with valet parking to better serve its patrons. It's rare that I visit and don't see someone famous. They make a great steak and eggs with loud music pumping throughout the night. Bring your Bentley if ya got one.”

For more info:
150 Kneeland St
Boston, MA 02111-2715
(617) 426-NEWS (6397)

4. Rockits Famous Pizza: Bloomington, Indiana

For Indiana University students craving pizza, Rockits is the Hoosier after-hours hot spot. Located next door to The Bluebird, a storied concert hall featuring live bands, this pizza joint boasts the best slice on campus. Filled wall to wall with rock memorabilia, their pies are even inspired by rock legends like The Ramones and Jimi Hendrix.

IU Alumni Adam Solloway said, “Some of the best memories of my college days took place after the bars inside Rockits. My friends and I would go in for a slice and walk out with three pies. I credit Rockits for having fulfilled my late-night food cravings and adding two extra inches on my waist line throughout my four years at IU."

For more info:
Rockits Famous Pizza
222 N. Walnut Street, Bloomington, IN 47404
(812) 336-7635

5. In-N-Out Burger: Los Angeles, California

Ask any California college student — nothing beats the burgers, fries, and friendly service at In-N-Out. Co-eds chow down on “perfectly sized” burgers ordered up fast and fresh. And if you’re counting your carbs, you can skip the bun and get it on lettuce.

UC-Irvine Student Briana Acuna raves, “Nothing’s frozen — you can actually see the potatoes being cut for fries. The drive-thru and inside are packed every day and night of the week. My friends and I always pack ourselves into the car for weekly trips to In-n-Out for the best burgers in California!"

For more info:

Next time you need a late-night nibble, hit up these hot spots for the best of the best (take their word for it).

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