Berkeley Taxpayers Have to Pay $93,000 for Cops' Overtime At Marine's Rally

The tab for just overtime pay for Berkeley cops to keep the peace at Tuesday's Marine protest outside City Hall was reported to be $93,000.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, about 140 Berkeley police worked at the protest, which drew more than 2,000 demonstrators. Anti-war groups such as Code Pink mixed with pro-military groups, rallied over whether lawmakers should change their anti-Marine position.

Only four arrests were made on Tuesday, all of them misdemeanors, the Chronicle reported.

On Jan. 29, the City Council released a statement calling the Marines "unwelcome intruders." Following a contentious City Council meeting, lawmakers Wednesday decided back down from its original statement, it is reported.

Protesters continue to gather at the city's Marine's recruiting center, which has been the scene of several rallies over the past weeks. On Friday people from Code Pink and World Can't Wait blocked blocked the entrance for several hours, but no arrest were made, the Chronicle reported.

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