Bennifer, Madonna's Holy Water, 'BANZAI'

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Jen and Ben, Madonna's holy water and "BANZAI" in The Foxlight.

So now Ben Affleck is claiming that J-Lo knew he was going to that Canadian strip club? That's what he told Leno the other night. "The Tonight Show" is turning into a real celebrity confessional.

But Ben dodged all the direct questions and made fun of all the attention he's getting. He never denied going back to Christian Slater's house for a little more than a lap dance with one of the strippers. All he copped to was J-Lo says no more bachelor parties before the wedding.

Foxlight will say this one more time: Put your rice away. There will be no Bennifer wedding.

How hooked on the Jewish religion re-write called the Kabbalah is Madonna? She now reportedly demands Kabbalah water in her hotel rooms. Where do you even get that? And are we sure she isn't asking for "bottled water" over a cell phone that has a bad connection?

The Fox reality show "BANZAI" may be completely and utterly incorrect to the political set, but guess what? Despite critics who only know bad taste, like Godzilla, "BANZAI LIVES!!!" Fox has reportedly ordered more episodes and is trying to cast an American version, according to a memo leaked to the New York Post.

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