Ben Affleck, The Sopranos and Janet Jackson are in the glow of The Foxlight.

Ben Affleck is not the marrying kind - at least, not yet. He has to get out of rehab first. He doesn't think "marriage is the thing for me right now." Affleck says "I do" doesn't always mean 'til death do we part. He thinks "the modern sense is that marriages aren't forever. I mean, maybe deep down, people just kinda know that now."

We'll find out on September 13 if an Italian-American group can whack The Sopranos in court. The American Italian Defense Association is suing Time Warner Entertainment under the "individual dignity" clause of the Illinois Constitution. The group's lawyer says they don't want money or The Sopranos canceled - they want the jury to declare that the show offends the dignity of Italian-Americans. C'mon, Tony can bribe that jury.

Stop us if you've heard this one - Janet Jackson is calling off one of her concerts. This time around, it's her show in Birmingham, Ala., and it will not be rescheduled. Jackson is still fighting off the flu. She's canceled other shows because of the flu, dental surgery, late arrival of stage equipment and a scheduling conflict with the WNBA. The tour continues through October - sort of.