Ben Affleck, George Clooney and Michael Caine

Ben Affleck without J-Lo, George Clooney without a clue and Michael Caine with a great performance are all in The Foxlight.

He plays a blind guy — is that when he signed his pre-nup agreement? No, it's the character known as "Daredevil" and while Ben has the moves in spandex, there's not much daring about the plot. Colin Farrell steals the movie as bad guy Bullseye, but Jennifer Garner does better work on "Alias." This is one comic book that should have stayed on paper.

However, "Daredevil" isn't nearly as incoherent as the remake of "Solaris." George Clooney is way out in space, maybe searching for other galaxies — or for a better script. Is he imagining everything he sees in a space station, or just hallucinating because his pal, director Steven Soderbergh, talked him into this?

Finally, a great movie that may have gotten away from you — it almost got away from Miramax. After Sept. 11, the studio was worried about a movie that slams the military. It sounds like their new movie "Buffalo Soldiers," but this film actually predates it by a few years. It's set in Vietnam and it's called "The Quiet American." Michael Caine personally campaigned to get the movie released, and it paid off with an Oscar nomination. Brendan Fraser is terrific, too. This is a "don't-miss."