Duck, Duck... Goose

A federal judge dismissed insurance provider AFLAC's complaint that ads for Ohio Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tim Hagan improperly copied the AFLAC duck. Judge Kathleen O'Malley ruled Hagan can keep using an Internet ad depicting incumbent Governor Bob Taft as a quack.  

AFLAC's lawyer argued that the "Taftquack" could lead consumers to believe the company was endorsing the Hagan campaign. The judge acknowledged the risk but concluded the first amendment was on Hagan's side.

Undignified Duck?

In another slap at the duck, the United Poultry Concern wants all Americans to contact AFLAC and urge it to stop airing commercials that, "represent ducks in dangerous, unnatural and degrading situations."

Campaign Controversy

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, eager to shore up her sagging campaign to become Maryland's governor, this week hired Democratic operative Julius Henson to conduct outreach to black voters.

Henson lasted exactly one day. He got fired after telling the Washington Post that Republican gubernatorial nominee Robert Ehrlich is, "a Nazi. His record is horrible, atrocious."

Border Dispute

Meanwhile, Tom Tancredo, a Colorado Republican who favors mass deportations of illegal immigrants and the stationing of troops on our borders, has some explaining to do.

He recently had a construction crew install a home theater, billiards table, game area and bedroom in the basement of his home. The problem: All but one of the workers was in the States illegally. Tancredo says he knew nothing about the crew's origins and adds: "It's a wonderful company. I would recommend it to anyone."