Below the Fold for October 20

A special Hollywood edition of Below the Fold.

Woody's World

We begin with Woody Harrelson, who penned an anti-administration polemic this week for The Guardian newspaper in London. Harrelson accused the racist, warmongering government of the United States of starving hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children and concludes the administration has lied to him.

Harrelson also informs readers that he once played basketball with some guy from Iraq and that his chauffeur, also named Woody, likes to drink beer.

Dear Mr. President

Sean Penn spent nearly $57,000 on an open letter to the president, published in the Washington Post. He accuses the president of squashing civil liberties and waving the bloody shirt. He cites no specifics, but does urge the commander in chief to: "listen to Gershwin, read chapters of Stegner, of Saroyan, the speeches of Martin Luther King."

It is always important to receive literary advice from the star of Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Funny Girl's Funny Copy

And then, there's Barbra Streisand. The "Truth Alert" feature on her Web site, designed to purge the media of false and defamatory statements about the Democratic global strategist, last Wednesday blasted a GOP politician for: "completely misrepresenting Ms. Streisand's deep opposition to the Iranian dictator, Saddam Hussein."