Below the Fold for May 18

Let's check out some political stories we found Below the Fold:

Our Friends the French

France's ambassador to the United States, Jean David Levitte, has submitted a two-page diplomatic complaint, accusing the government of the United States of conspiring to make France look bad and demanding an end to what he calls government-sanctioned lying about the indispensable Gauls.

In singling out anti-French (search) feeling, Levitte managed to identify the one French export that doesn't require subsidies.

As for the lying charge, one administration official told the London Daily Telegraph: "It would be nice if the French Foreign Ministry would stop spreading lies about America; saying the war in Iraq was about blood for oil and control of the Middle East."

Our Friends to the North

Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien (search) this week declared Canada morally superior to the United States because it has gun control, unfettered abortion and no death penalty. In other words, it's a land where murderers live, unwanted babies die and victims of violent assault may not defend themselves.

Chretien still believes the United States behaved in an uncivil manner by unseating mass murderer Saddam Hussein.

Drawing Comparisons

Democratic National Chairman Terry McAuliffe, committing the present-day equivalent of McCarthyism, has accused president Bush of McCarthyism. Why? Because the president stumped for a tax cut in Ohio, the home state of Republican tax-cut skeptic Senator George Voinovich.

McAuliffe told an Ohio audience: "George Bush has unleashed a new McCarthyism that, under the cloak of a time of crisis and peril, has vilified and questioned the patriotism of those who have policy and political differences with him and his administration."

He then cited comments made by people who other than the president, and who do not belong to the Bush administration.