Let's check out some political stories we found Below the Fold:

Polluted Air

Saudi television recently broadcast services from the Holy Mosque at Mecca, featuring this prayer from a Muslim cleric: 

"O God, deal with the Jews and Zionists... scatter their assemblies... and let them and their property be a booty for Muslims."

Words of Hate

Meanwhile, a mosque in Greensboro, North Carolina reportedly has offered helpful hints to its flock. According to the Arab News, Dr. Kaukab Siddique delivered a khutba filled with old stereotypes of Jews.

The imam told American immigrants, "You cannot appease the Jews who run this country by being quiet and humble. They will pursue and persecute you whether you are hiding in a corner of the mosque or staying away from all activity." He described the leader of Holy Land Foundation — a terrorist group — as "the most peaceful of men" and encouraged the faithful to "boycott Jewish products which fund Israel."

He concluded by observing that Muslim mothers in Palestine and Pakistan have, by sending their children off to fight and die in jihad, quote: have put males to shame with their tremendous sacrifices against the Jews."

Not Easy Being Green

A new California poll compares President Bush with Golden State Governor Gray Davis. One surprise in the Public Policy Institute of California tally: 39 percent approved the President's handling of the environment — compared to 35 percent for Davis.

The Write Stuff

Strobe Talbott, Bill Clinton's top aide on Russian affairs, reportedly has some undiplomatic things to say about his old boss in an upcoming memoir titled, The Russia Hand.

Talbott allegedly portrays Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin as a couple of wild and crazy guys — brilliant, but: "in thrall to obsessions that occasionally sent them reeling."

As for George W. Bush, Talbott says: "My guess is that Bush, a better-grounded character than Clinton, will do OK."