Below the Fold for July 6

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Let's check out some political stories we found Below the Fold:

Freedom of Speech Curbed            

The California Polytechnic State University (search) has punished undergraduate student Steve Hinkle for entering the school's multicultural center and attempting to post an advertisement of an upcoming speech by black conservative Mason Weaver. After a black student complained, Hinkle, a white College Republican, left. But the political crime had been committed. The offended student called the cops, alleging that Hinkle had passed out "literature of an offensive racial nature."

In a disciplinary hearing, Cornell Morton, university vice president for student affairs, reportedly cited Hinkle's blonde hair and blue eyes as evidence of racial malice, adding that the white conservative should have known that his very presence in the multicultural center would set off, "a collision of experience."

University officials have threatened to expel Hinkle unless he apologizes, presumably for entering a zone forbidden to people of his kind.