Below the Fold for July 13

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Let's check out some political stories we found Below the Fold:

Competency Tests Fail

California has become at least the fifth state to postpone student competency tests (search) -- following the lead of Alaska, Georgia, New York and Texas. The reason: Only 48 percent of the rising seniors in California would pass.

State school board president Reed Hastings, says a two-year testing moratorium will permit a new, improved curriculum to become, "further penetrated into the school system."

Rubbed the Wrong Way

A government run jobs center in Berlin enraged a 25-year-old woman who turned to the agency for help after a fruitless, three-month job search. She told reporters, of a state-arranged job: "It really is a bit much if the job center assumes that the best thing is for you to try your luck in a whorehouse."

A government spokesman said he had no idea that massage parlors performed anything other than massages.

It's San Luis Obispo!

And finally, we carried an item last week about political correctness run amok at California Polytechnic University, but neglected to mention the school has two campuses. The site of the controversy was Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo.

Irate FOX fans are kindly requested to direct inquiries to that university, not the campus in Pomona.