Below the Fold for February 17

Let's check out some political stories we found below the fold

Tarnished Gold?

The Guardian, a left leaning British newspaper, says extra security and the American jingoistic nature of the Winter Olympic games are tarnishing the event. A recent account in the paper said the security is, "heavy handed and an embarrassment to the International Olympic Committee."

Also the report said the games are propaganda for the US war effort, and the normally sedate, friendly festival Olympic atmosphere has been so ruined by the Americans, officials doubt whether or not the United States can ever host another Olympic event.

Waste Not

Citizens Against Government Waste has a new report out called AIDS Programs: An Epidemic of Waste.

The analysis of taxpayer supported prevention and treatment programs says money was being used for: trips to Disney World, season tickets to professional sporting events, calls to psychic hot lines, work shops on intimacy, flirting and numerous other activities that we can't talk about on Sunday morning television.

Did the Cows Have Fun?

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has dispatched an angry letter to Florida Southern College for a recent fund-raising event involving cow bingo, a game in which a bovine wanders over a checker-boarded football field.

A lucky contestant wins when Bossie drops a pattie in their square. PETA alleges that children laughed during the contest and that school officials plied the beasts with laxatives. Florida Southern stoutly denies the laxative charge and says cows, unlike activists, don't come unglued when strangers laugh.