Let's check out some political stories we found this week Below the Fold:

Not So Funny

The Concord, New Hampshire, Monitor published a cartoon on Friday and within hours was swamped by angry e-mails and phone calls. The paper's editor, Mike Pride, now has apologized for Mike Marland's drawing. Pride confesses that he didn't deem the cartoon offensive — at least not initially — but that on further review, "I'm sorry we ran it."

Typo Trouble

MSNBC is apologizing to black conservative civil rights activist Niger Innis.

Innis recently was interviewed on the network about the Enron case — but his first name was misspelled. Someone added an extra "g." MSNBC calls it a typographical error.

Beam Me Up Scottie

And finally, these words on resurgent patriotism from novelist Norman Mailer:

"The right wing benefited so much from September 11 that, if I were still a conspiratorialist, I would believe they'd done it."