Behind Enemy Lines, Learning Curve and Novocaine

Behind Enemy Lines, Learning Curve


It was a modest hit on the big screen and now Behind Enemy Lines is behind your Blockbuster counter. It's run of the mill "Let's get our boy back" stuff but it plays a little more impressively in these patriotic times. Gene Hackman should be awarded a patent for the grizzly commander role he reprises in just about every other movie. And almost anything with Owen Wilson gets the Foxlight beam of approval. He can toss any line away like it just occurred to him.

Next, a nifty con and a seductive storyline escaped most people at the theaters but is a perfect rental. Especially with uber hot newcomer Monet Mazur. This is The Learning Curve, And it's got a few interesting curves of it's own besides the star.

Finally, Steve Martin said he loved the script. But he probably said the same thing about The Out of Towners and Sgt. Bilko so can we really trust him? Perhaps not once again in Novocaine. Some called the comedy numbing. Others say it starts out well and then gets a little gory. Like dinner with Robert Blake?