Beer ... For Dogs?

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What kind of beer contains potassium, proteins, fats and tastes just like a juicy piece of steak?

"Tail-wagging beer" from Holland.

This specially-designed beer for dogs is the latest attempt to take the already close pet-owner bond so many share with their domestic housemates to a new level, the U.K.'s Daily Mail is reporting.

Brewed in the same way normal beer is, this barley-latent concoction is actually very healthy for dogs. Except it's non-alcoholic and it tastes like beef.

"It also encourages drinking, which is good for the kidneys, and is a great source of vitamin B," a spokesman for Pets at Home in England told the Mail.

With the exception of a German Shepherd pictured on its front, the bottle looks exactly like an ordinary bottle of beer.

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