Beer Belly Protects Man During Car Wreck

An oversized belly did a lucky milkman one big favor.

When a hijacker jumped into his milk delivery van, Andrew Creed chased after it and grabbed on to an open window, the U.K. Sun reported. But Creed lost his grip when the thief started zig-zagging to shake him loose, and he got thrown under.

Creed got banged up to the tune of two broken fingers, cuts to his head and tire marks on his legs and stomach.

But Creed was able to see the bright side:

“I reckon my beer belly saved me from being hurt a lot worse,” he said.

The thief fled after abandoning the vehicle.

Out There Proposal Update...

SEATTLE (AP) -- The man who wanted to propose to his girlfriend with a Super Bowl ad finally got the answer he wanted -- with the help of local TV instead.

Rand Fishkin, 27, had taken over a Web site,, from another man who found out his dream girl would turn him down. Fishkin, with a love of his own, kept the Super Bowl ad idea going.

A major company, which Fishkin declined to name, offered to feature his marriage proposal in one of its ads but then withdrew, he said.

And on game day Sunday, the network airing the national football championship, CBS, called to say it would air his video proposal. But it called later and dropped the idea.

So Fishkin turned to another source of money, his mother, and bought a $3,000 local TV ad on Tuesday during his girlfriend's favorite show, "Veronica Mars."

In his ad, Fishkin held up a picture of himself and Geraldine DeRuiter, 26.

"The whole world?" he says. "This is Geraldine. She is amazing in every way. For the last five years, we've spent the best parts of our lives together and made it through the tough times, too. I couldn't ask for anything more in my life than her love.

"And that's why I'm here today. Geraldine, will you marry me?"

Right after the ad aired, DeRuiter said yes.

This Dog Really Is Man's Best Friend

RAISINVILLE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) -- Tina Burlett thought someone broke into her Michigan home and stole her wedding ring.

The custom-made jewelry is worth $5000. She called police, who filed a report.

But Burlett's grandmother had a different suspect in mind: the family pooch. The pit bull named Missy had been caught gnawing on VCRs, electric blankets and a diamond earring.

X-rays proved the grandmother right. The valuable bauble was inside Missy's belly.

A vet gave the dog something to make it throw up -- and the ring came out intact.

There's More Than One Way to Potty-Train

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) -- It's never too late for toilet training.

Some Malaysian colleges may soon offer courses on how to keep public restrooms clean, the national news agency reported Thursday.

The effort is meant to help Malaysia's public lavatories become as hygienic as those in countries such as Britain and Singapore, Deputy Housing and Local Government Minister Robert Lau was quoted as saying by Bernama news agency.

"Clean toilets cannot merely be judged by the eyes," Lau was quoted as saying. "This matter also involves the use of cleaning equipment, soap, fragrances and proper tissues."

Courses would involve managing washrooms by the highest standards in design and sanitation technology, said Lau.

Malaysia's government recently said it wanted to start a "toilet revolution" in a country where public restrooms have long nauseated citizens and tourists with their lack of basic items such as toilet paper, soap and sometimes even toilet seats.

Lau said his ministry plans to soon introduce a system for the public to lodge complaints about filthy toilets via cell phone text messages.

Other recent measures have included setting up modern self-cleaning toilets in popular shopping districts of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's largest city, and scrapping the business licenses of restaurants found to have foul lavatories.

Compiled by's Hannah Sentenac.

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