Beauty Secrets from the Dead Sea

Ways to protect and care for your skin in the cold weather!

1) Treat skin according to season and skin type.

Winter weather can deplete skin of moisture, so make sure to moisturize often. AHAVA’s SOURCE Smoothing Moisturizer and SOURCE Skin Replenisher are great day and night moisturizers that can be used on any skin type.

TIP: Ramp up your beauty regimen and switch to richer formulas for very dry skin in cold winter months, and for added protection, use night cream during the day for maximum benefits.

Always use upward motions when applying products, since gravity naturally pulls everything down, we don’t want to give it any help!

2) Be sure to exfoliate your face and body regularly in the winter.

Exfoliation is especially important in the winter because it removes dead skin cells which prevent skin from receiving the moisture it needs. AHAVA SOURCE Mud Exfoliator and Gentle Body Exfoliator are great products that provide a gentle exfoliation, perfect for winter months.

3) Winter winds can wreak havoc on skin, so it’s important to bundle up while outdoors.

Remember to protect skin from harsh UVA and UVB rays even in the winter. Ahava’s Mineral Sunscreen line provides maximum benefits with a line of SPF products ranging from SPF 15, 30 and 50 that are gentle, effective and suitable for daily use.

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Maxine Siegel is an aesthetician and skincare expert for AHAVA.

Founded in 1988, AHAVA is driven by a deep passion to unearth the secrets of the revitalizing effects of minerals on the skin. The only cosmetics company indigenous to the Dead Sea region, the company employs a truly singular scientific approach in its environmentally-conscious research activities. Over the years, this has culminated in the development of a series of premier skincare product lines, renowned internationally for their superior efficacy. AHAVA harvests and formulates the rich natural resources of this magical region in strict compliance with recognized international standards.