Baylor to Keep President Whose Leadership Was Questioned in Player Death

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Baylor University's (search) Board of Regents voted Friday to keep Robert Sloan as president of the world's largest Baptist university after faculty members urged his ouster in a no-confidence vote.

Sloan's leadership was questioned following the summer slaying of basketball player Patrick Dennehy (search), the arrest of former player Carlton Dotson (search) on murder charges in Dennehy's death and the ensuing disclosure of major NCAA violations in the basketball program.

The 36-member Board of Regents reviewed a motion by the Baylor Faculty Senate urging Sloan's ouster and a letter from five regents seeking Sloan's dismissal.

The board's 31-4 vote came in a closed meeting, so it wasn't immediately clear if one of the regents unhappy with Sloan changed his mind. One regent wasn't present.

The Faculty Senate's no-confidence motion, passed Tuesday by voice vote, had cited a climate of fear under which anyone considered disloyal to the administration risked losing their job, hope for tenure or other benefits. Sloan, who has headed Baylor for eight years, denied the allegations.

On Friday, Sloan thanked the regents for their reaffirmation of his leadership.

"This has been a very long and hot summer, and I have to say the whole experience has been a very humbling experience," he said, surrounded by most of the board members.

He said he would do everything in his power to reach out to the Baylor community.

"The most important thing right now is to move forward to make sure that the Baylor family stands together," he said. "We will find ways to communicate with each other, to listen to one another and to solve the challenges that we face."