Barbra Streisand, David Hasselhoff, Friends and C.S.I.

First she can't spell 'Gephardt' and now she misquotes Shakespeare. Barbra Streisand is having quite a week. To be political or not to be political, that is the question. Hey, what do we want from a woman who misspells 'Barbara?'

Elder lifeguard David Hasselhoff says his life saver was AA. The booze-swilling Baywatch star says he blacked out regularly and thought about writing a book called "The MiniBar and Me."

Now back at work filming Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding, a two-hour TV movie. Careful David, the thought of a two hour Baywatch movie would send most of us back to the bar.

Does Friends seem a little longer this season? Guess what, we're getting a little more for our money. The show has been lengthened by two minutes to keep audiences from straying over to other channels. Hey, anything that makes the lousy shows after it shorter is fine with me.

C.S.I. also added a minute to it's show this season but just so it could promos for other CBS shows. That's a crime the C.S.I. unit needs to investigate.