Barack Obama's Troubling Position on Iraq

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Let's assume Obama is the candidate of the Democrats after Super Tuesday and we're all teed up for the fall with the Obama wave set to sweep over the country.

A quote from Mr. Obama might give us a hint about how this campaign is going to go after the soaring rhetoric and the campaign poetry hits that patch of road called "real problems and how you're gonna fix 'em."

Obama was talking about the Iraq war — which he opposed — and the surge — which he opposed — and he said Democrats deserve credit for the reduction of violence in Iraq and he said:

"...Much of the violence has been reduced because there was an agreement with tribes in Anbar Province... Sunni tribes... who started to see after the Democrats were elected in '06... you know that, the Americans may be leaving soon, and we're going to be left very vulnerable to the Shias. We should start negotiating now."

Obama is going to argue in a debate that the Dems who wanted to quit immediately, surrender now, were the ones who won the war?

I would be anxious to hear John McCain or Rudy Giuliani reply to that assertion. Obama's line appears to be: We win wars by refusing to fight them.

I don't believe that line is going to work on anybody except the staff of the Daily Kos and a few far lefties now sunning themselves on the lawn at U.C. Berkeley.

If Obama proposes that notion as a military strategy, he will have to be very, very good at conjuring up the soaring rhetoric to will somehow quiet the laughter.

That's My Word.

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