Bank Accounts for Illegal Immigrants?

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Tuesday's edition of "FOX & Friends" began with two shootings and ended with a soft toss to Megyn and Hemmer.

You were fascinated and angered by Bank of America's policy of offering loans, checking accounts and mortgages to illegal immigrants. It's all about money because the bank offers the applicants credit, but with high interest rates and fees. But it further legitimizes illegals' existence in this country. You would think patriotism would outweigh the almighty dollar — but no go!

We also got word of a huge breakthrough with North Korea — they'll give up nukes for free fuel. But so many questions remain. For example, how many inspectors will be allowed on ground and how much access will they get in this closed society? We all know that once the good people of North Korea see the light on the free and fun West, they will fall like a deck of cards. Maybe they will do a Libya and say, "Free world, come take my nukes away" — after all, I am not convinced they knew how to handle their uranium.

We didn't have a chance to discuss it, but I thought President Bush's advice to his dad to turn off the TV was heartfelt. He said he is really worried about him because he takes all the critics of his son to heart.

I was a little shocked to read the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Peter Pace did not know anything about Iranian evidence found in Iraq. Can someone get the General a tape?

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