Bai Ling Charged With Petty Theft, Says Shoplifting Was 'Innocent Mistake'

Bai Ling says she made an "innocent mistake" when she allegedly took a pack of batteries and two tabloid magazines at Los Angeles International Airport without paying for them.

In a message posted on her blog hours after she was charged with petty theft on Monday, the Chinese actress said she's "relieved" that prosecutors decided not to pursue a more serious misdemeanor count against her.

The actress faces a $250 fine for allegedly shoplifting $16.22 worth of items, including two Star magazines, said city attorney spokesman Frank Mateljan.

"There's no jail time associated with that amount," Mateljan said.

Her arraignment was scheduled for Wednesday, when Bai could contest the infraction or pay the fine, Mateljan said.

"What happened was an innocent mistake on my part and I am confident that the truth will be told since I never had any intention of taking items without paying for them," she wrote without elaborating.

The actress, who has appeared in such films as "The Crow" and "Anna and the King," was arrested Feb. 13 after she was detained by a store employee who summoned police.

She later told E! News that she was having an "emotionally crazy" day because she and her boyfriend broke up right before Valentine's Day.