Bad Santa

OK, it was a fun show today — aside from the lethal injection given to Tookie Williams, which was not a major part of the show.

New York Giants' star Tiki Barber was beaming from the moment he motored into the newsroom, perhaps knowing he was working with Kiran or perhaps because his Giants are in first place after escaping in Philly in overtime. It's fortuitous timing that FOX News signs Tiki the year he goes from among the best to THE best back in the NFL, while his Giants reclaim their winning ways. Once again, he was familiar with our only sports guest when he shot the breeze with Mankind of the WWE. It seems Barber has a secret society of professional athletes, because every jock we book he seems to know.

Don't get me wrong, this show was for the most part about Iraq and the elections that are upon us. Talk about weird: It seems the Sunnis are so motivated to get the vote out that the insurgents are warning Al Qaeda to stop killing people as they find their way to the polls. Even they realize that their is power in the ballots and seem determined not to be left out of the 275 members National Assembly. If you thought 58 percent turnout was strong last year, this promises to surpass it big time. With Col. North and Geraldo Rivera, Dana Lewis, Greg Palkot and Steve Harrigan in Iraq, you just know we'll have the best coverage.

Fun note: We blew up a huge Santa Claus and reindeer outside and sat on a $30K couch, which included two flat screen, XM radio and a coolers — which is now missing a door. It seems I mistakenly ripped it off the hinges. Oops!

Oh yeah, the segment that kept the e-mail buzzing and the phones lit was the "Scary Santa." A New Yorker decided he was outraged by the commercialization of Christmas, so he put headless Barbies in his tree outside his home and a bloody Santa with a knife, front and center, who by the way, was dripping with blood. Nice thing to see if you're a mom or dad walking down the block with your kid in hand, isn't it?

Special thanks to the New York Post for making my book in paperback their "Fall Pick" and putting a contest together around it to boot! The winner was Ashton and it was great to see him in person and he of course was thrilled to meet Tiki, E.D. and Lauren Green. If you want the book "The Games Do Count" and also need it personalized just go to For E.D.'s "Going Places" click over to


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