Bad Monkeys to Go to Reform School in India

Call it reform school for wayward monkeys.

Officials in the northern Indian state of Punjab, tired of dealing with the annoying and sometimes dangerous rhesus macaques that invade villages and towns, have decide to build a "rehabilitation center" to tame the pesky primates.

"In addition to veterinary doctors, the center will have experts and it would be a sort of good manners school for the monkeys," a Punjab Wildlife Department official told The Hindu newspaper.

In recent years, thousands of macaques have moved into urban areas in northern India as humans move into the monkeys' traditional jungle home. They often steal food and clothing and sometimes attack and bite humans if they don't get what they want.

The rehab center, to be located in the city of Patiala, will be for the worst behaving monkeys.

"Once the center is functional, forest officials in Punjab will be able to catch monkeys from residential areas and send them across so that they can be taught to be decent and live socially with other monkeys," state wildlife official Jasmer Singh told the Hindu.

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