Bad Boys II, How to Deal and Johnny English

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Bad Boys II, How to Deal and Johnny English in box office glow of The Foxlight.

Bad boys, bad boys: Whatcha gonna do? How about get the bad boys together eight years later and make a big noisy mess?

Bad Boys II is a 'bad movie, bad movie,' according to most critics. US Weekly's Thelma Adams wonders if director Michael Bay learned anything from Pearl Harbor. She says everything goes 'bang' including the script.

Will Smith has charisma to wholesale and Martin Lawrence seems to be having a good time, but the plot has them all over the map -- including Cuba where they do everything except topple the Castro regime. And how did Martin get top billing? It doesn't matter according to Box Office Guru who predicts a not-so-bad but not-so-great $36 million weekend.

Mandy Moore wants to learn how to deal in How to Deal. Makes sense, right? The cast includes the always great Allison Janney moonlighting from The West Wing. But the New York Post says Mandy needs 'more' in the script department. They say she's great but she needs to learn 'how to deal' with her agent and find better material.

Finally, Rowan Atkinson (aka Mr. Bean) is back but this time he's doing his funny business as the bumbling British agent Johnny English. He's not James Bond and he's not Austin Powers. Do we need another wacky send up? Some critics say 'sure.' His face alone is worth the price of admission. I say bring on Black Adder the movie.