Baby Falls in Toilet After Mom Goes Into Labor

A 31-year-old mother from the U.K., who was sent home twice by hospital staff, ended up giving birth over a toilet just a few hours later.

Geraldine King was refused admission to Wishaw General Hospital twice in 24 hours after doctors insisted she was not in labor.

But hours after being sent home and told to take painkillers, her water broke while she was in the bathtub.

"I managed to get myself up from the tub — when all of a sudden the baby's head popped out," King said. "Then Kyle arrived while I was standing over the toilet. He fell straight into the toilet and into the water."

King managed to scoop the baby out of the toilet – but then noticed the umbilical cord had broken. Her husband, Frankie, used a shoelace to clamp the cord while he called paramedics for help.

The baby was then taken to the hospital and administered antibiotics to combat any side effects from falling into the toilet.

The couple – who has three other kids – now plan to make a file a formal complaint against the hospital.

"Although everything worked out fine, it could have been very serious," King said.

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