Axis of Weasel: Will They Use Their Veto?

The French, German and Russian foreign ministers said Wednesday that their governments would "not allow" passage of a U.N. resolution authorizing war against Iraq.

"We will not allow a resolution to pass that authorizes resorting to force," French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin said at a press conference in Paris. "Russia and France, as permanent members of the Security Council, will assume their full responsibilities on this point."

When asked whether France would use its veto, as Russia has suggested it might do, de Villepin said, "We will take all our responsibilities. We are in total agreement with the Russians."

The three ministers had set up the hastily arranged meeting amid quickening U.S.-led preparations for war and a Friday Security Council meeting to hear progress reports from inspectors scouring Iraq for banned weapons.

Axis of weasel: Will they use their veto?

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The best way to get thier attention is to call in our loans that they recieve from from WWII. Maybe then they shut up you think?
Muncie, IN

A veto by France, Germany or Russia would be no surprise, considering they clearly value their oil contracts and military contracts with Iraq far greater than US security.
The true irony is that those who are "fighting for peace" are dramatically increasing the threat of war.  From this perspective, these "appeasing" countries have already caused great damage.
Scott G.
Melbourne, FL

Why doesn't someone propose a total boycott of France and the products they send over here ? Basically tell them to go to hell and move on with what we need to do. They don't seek our permission or approval before they do something. I don't feel that as a country we need them.
Ross H.

I believe they will veto the resolution, and then probably name a cheese VETO. I think they need a little more "WHINE" with their cheese.
Ray M.
Pasadena, TX

Not only do the French lack the courage to fight for what's right, they also probably lack the guts to veto.  Either way they won't stand up.  Let's roll and they will look foolish in the world's eyes.
Karen M.
Baton Rouge, LA

The French were too cowardly to stand up to Hitler when he was poised to occupy their country, why would they stand up to Saddam when we're in the crosshairs?
Gary T.
New York, NY

It has gotten to the point that the United Nations has turned back into the League of Nations and history is repeating itself. Back in the 30's they said " leave that Mr. Hitler alone, he has a right to have those weapons. He hasn't attacked anyone". Well, as we all know, if it had been nipped in the bud, we could have saved alot of lives, and would not have to had liberated France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Italy, North Africa, ect. What Anti-War folks don't realize is that in order to find a "Smoking Gun" the gun has to had been already fired. Saddam is aiming, and has the hammer back...Don't wait for the smoke. As far as France and the others in the UN who want to VETO a new resolution...Don't call us crying when this menace gets out of control and gets you. We learned 9-11-01 we were not invincible, you are not either.
Rick L.
Chesterfield, VA

I think they won't. They are just like all the protesters around the world. They just want to get publicity, good or bad. They have to look to their people. Unfortunately, their people are a bunch of misinformed, extremely pacifist, liberals. Thats ok. They'll need to be bailed out again and hope we tell them to get stuffed.
Mike S.

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