Australia's horse-racing circuit may have hit a bump after equine influenza paralyzed the pool of steeds this year, but it's not a hump the industry can't get over.

Sydney hosted its first camel race Friday with contenders such as Sir Hump-a-lot, Sand King and Speed Hump competing to help arenas suffering financially from the ban on horse racing imposed by officials over the equine flu, Reuters reports.

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"People haven't been out and about and they're just wanting to get out and see something race," said Robert Vine, food and beverage manager at Harold Park, where the races were held.

Racetracks are estimated to have lost millions caused by the ban, and officials expected around 10,000 to attend the camel races.

No bets were placed on the camels, however, since the sport is not recognized by Australia’s premier betting organization, TAB, the report says.

Afghan camels were brought to Australia in the 1800s to help construct railway and telegraph lines and are used most commonly as tourist attractions on outback racetracks. The camels race in sprints and, in Australia, usually are jockeyed by women.