Australia Hospital Errors Blamed for Death of New Mom

A 29-year-old Australian woman who died shortly after giving birth to her third child might have lived if the hospital had not made several fatal errors, reported on Wednesday.

According to a report by the New South Wales government, Rebecca Murray initially was brought to Bathurst Base Hospital last June to deliver her third child via a planned Caesarean-section.

After the procedure, the hospital failed to measure how much blood she was losing, did not tell anyone the details of her condition and the blood-transfusion machine turned itself off, after which she died, reported.

It was also found that a blood-testing machine from the hospital’s intensive care unit could not be used because the staff was unfamiliar with it, did not have access to its password and did not have the right cartridges for it, the story said.

Murray gave birth to a baby girl, and as her blood pressure plunged, "inadequate information was exchanged" among the hospital staff, which did not perform a pre-operative blood test, normally required for patients who receive spinal anesthesia.

Murray was taken back into the operating room so doctors could find out why she was bleeding so heavily. There, she suffered a heart attack and was taken to another hospital, where she died, reported.

The government’s report also shows a resuscitation team was not called in when Murray’s blood pressure dropped.

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