An attempted abduction in Woodville could be linked to a suspected serial killing case in Baton Rouge, authorities said.

Wilkinson County Sheriff Reginald Jackson said a man tried to abduct a 15-year-old girl Thursday morning while she was walking to Wilkinson County High School, just outside Woodville. The girl escaped unharmed.

The suspect was missing some fingers on his right hand and was driving a white pickup truck with a Louisiana license plate, Jackson said.

East Baton Rouge Parish sheriff's deputies have said that a white Chevrolet pickup truck, a 1996 or 1997 model, could have been involved in the abduction and slaying of Pam Kinamore on July 12.

Kinamore's killer has been linked by DNA evidence to the September slaying of Gina Wilson Green, 41, and the slaying of Charlotte Murray Pace, 22, in May.

A person driving a white truck is also a suspect in a rape that happened in Slidell, La., in July.

The girl said the person who tried to abduct her is a white man with reddish hair and several fingers missing, Jackson said.

A man with the same description, but driving a green Camaro, was sighted in the Fountainbleau community, about 10 miles west of Woodville, Jackson said.