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What an extraordinary job our producers did Tuesday with our roster of guests and reporters.

Not only did we have one of this company's best reporters, Jennifer Griffin, laying out the unthinkable tragedy of the tsunami in Thailand (search), but many more major world players. For example, Dr. Hussain al-Shahristani, an Iraqi nuclear scientist jailed by Saddam now leading the Shiite charge to elections, while meeting regularly with al-Sistani. Also factor in Thomas Barnett, author of "The Pentagon's New Map," who essentially sketches out ways to win and get out of Iraq and beyond. And, perhaps most impressive, Secretary of State Colin Powell joined us to talk about the tsunami, Hamas and Usama bin Laden along with his a brief exchange on his future plans.

On a personal note, Steve discussed how independent his kids are now at Christmas time and I railed on the credit Santa gets at the expense of some thoughtful parents.

Finally, it looks like Texas has voted and my weekend book signing trips will likely take name to Dallas and Houston. When I get the stores and sites I'll list them on my Web site:

Here's what is booked:

1/21: Toledo, OH
7 p.m. at Thackeray's

1/22: Cleveland, OH
2 p.m. at Joseph-Beth Booksellers, Lyndhurst, OH

2/3: Jacksonville
5 p.m. at Bookmark

Thanks for watching and just know we at "FOX & Friends" never take you for granted.


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