Arizona Teen Uses Baseball Bat to Fight Off Burglar

After trying to hide in a closet, a bat-wielding 14-year-old has no choice but to fight off an intruder rummaging through his Arizona home Tuesday, reports.

As he heard his locked bedroom door rattling as the burglar tried his screwdriver to open it, Six, clutching an aluminum baseball bat, told a 911 operator he couldn’t exit through his window as she had advised, reported.

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"I didn't know what to do," Six told Wednesday. "I didn't think I could pop (the window) open. My adrenaline was running. I was scared."

As the man started going through the Six's backpack, the teen stepped out of the closet and took a swing, hitting the man in the back and shoulder.

Police responding to the house quickly rounded up the suspect, Thomas Gonzales Garza, 30.