Republican lawmakers have taken to the floor this week over and over again to praise Ronald Reagan's (search) vision, but many might argue the current set of Reagan Republicans serving in Congress aren't actually pursuing his goals.

Reagan did see many of his domestic dreams achieved — a Congress ruled by Republicans, as well as a conservative-leaning Supreme Court and Federal Reserve (search).

"There are probably close to 100 congressmen who consider themselves part of the Reagan legacy today," said Texas Rep. Joe Barton.

But Reagan's goal of reversing the growth of government has taken an unexpected turn. Non-defense spending under the GOP has risen 20 percent in three years. Reagan cut that spending 13 percent even with a Democratic-run House.

Republicans have followed his path when it comes to welfare reform and ballistic missile defense, but they will debate whether the giant Medicare (search) reform bill that passed last year could be chalked up as winning one for the "Gipper."

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