Arafat's Got Some Nerve to Be Whining

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat is mad that Secretary of State Colin Powell couldn't put the Israelis on a leash.

Is this acceptable?

Let me get this straight... this from the guy who sends out teenagers wearing TNT belts with instructions to blow themselves up when they get close to civilians?

Even William F. Buckely is complaining about Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's tactics. It's quite clear that the 74-year-old just doesn't get how these pictures bounce around the Arab world on Al Jazeera, all the while ginning up a huge amount of hate for Israel... way more than before when the Israelis were handing invading Arab armies their heads.

But Arafat is the problem. His chutzpah is just breathtaking. He is complaining about not being able to walk Powell to his car when Israeli parents can't walk their kids to the store without worrying about his suicide bombers. What did he expect?

If Arafat would say: I'm gonna bomb Israelis any way I can until they leave our lands... at least the rest of us would understand, but he lies. He says he condemns the bombers and that he'll stop them while Powell is greeted with another one the day he arrives, blowing up any chance for the U.S. to get the Israelis to back off, to try to get some peace going.

Where is the outrage in Europe? Oh sure, bash the Israelis. They have the tanks to focus on, they have the overwhelming power... but where is the outrage about Arafat and his whining about how the Israelis are treating him when he will not act to stop the bombers?

Is it acceptable to keep the Palestinian leader a virtual prisoner of his West Bank compound?

Until Arafat does what he needs to do, it is acceptable. Thank you, now back to your rat hole...

That's My Word.

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