One of the biggest challenges in the remake, or "reimagining," of Planet of the Ape — a film that's become pop icon —  is, what do you do to that ending?

The ending in the 1968 classic was pretty spectacular, but it's hard to know exactly what the ending Tim Burton's version  means. In an interview, the eccentric director and the cast tries to explain.

Tim Burton: It's a symbol for the unanswerable.

Fox: Do you understand the end of the movie?

Mark Wahlberg: Yeah. 

Fox: You do?

Wahlberg: Yeah (laughs like he doesn't)

Fox: Do you understand the ending?

Helena Bonham Carter: Yeah, I think so.

Paul Giamatti: You know, I don't want to say I didn't, but I should probably say it's, it's, it's an enigmatic ending.

Burton: It's like a good old folk tale, a fairy tale. It gives a symbol to something that ...you know, is abstract somehow.

Wahlberg: It's not obvious. You have to think about it. You have to be ready and prepared to be challenged.

Giamatti: You know, I'm gonna have to really see the whole thing again before I can answer that.

Wahlberg: And also, if when you really boil it down, it could mean one or two things. And the question will be answered in the next installment.

The real meaning of the ending is: Get ready for another visit to this planet, but only if audiences go ape for it this weekend.