'Anything Else,' 'The Fighting Temptations' and 'Cold Creek Manor'

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Critics say see anything but "Anything Else," (search). Give into "The Fighting Temptations." And another movie about a scary house in today's Foxlight.

No, Woody Allen does not have a creepy romance with Christina Ricci in the new movie "Anything Else." That was assumed by a lot of people and tersely denied by DreamwWrks. She only has eyes -- sort of -- for "American Pie" boy Jason Biggs.

Sadly, all the marketing has downplayed that this is a Woody Allen movie, since they've all been stinkers lately. This one, according to some, is no exception. Diehard Allen fans will show up. Everyone else will probably be looking for anything else.

It's hokey and has a lame plot, but the music is terrific, so "The Fighting Temptations" (search) will probably have you fighting the temptation to stomp your feet and sing along. Still, what happened to Oscar-winner Cuba Gooding Jr.? And Beyonce proves once again her pipes are better than her acting chops.

Sharon Stone is back. She's dumped her real life husband, but in "Cold Creek Manor" (search) she's sorry she got the house. Stone and Dennis Quaid try to escape the big city, but their fixer-upper defines the term "there goes the neighborhood," thanks to the always creepy Stephen Dorff.

Finally, is "Secondhand Lions" any good? Don't ask star Robert Duvall. He told The New York Post he hasn't seen the completed film, but hears it's "sweet." He then added, "I hope it's not cute." Well Haley Joel Osment isn't all that cute anymore, so that helps. And Michael Caine is, well, he's also in it.