Another Drug Scandal Plagues WWE, Web Site Says

Steroid abuse may not be the only problem gripping the WWE, according to a report on

Former WWE diva, Terri Runnels told the celebrity Web site that some wrestlers are also using a powerful muscle relaxer called Soma.

"The boys eat Somas like candy," Runnels, the ex-wife of WWE wrestler Golddust, is quoted as saying.

While the buzz surrounding the WWE has focused on steroid abuse since the murder-suicide tragedy involving Chris Benoit, Runnels said some wrestlers have been getting high on Soma for years.

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The WWE defended its drug-testing policies in a written statement posted on TMZ. "For 20 years, the WWE has been doing something to address the issue of steroid and drug use," the statement said. "We cannot account for the poor personal decisions a small minority may make outside the workplace to undermine these efforts."