Anne Hathaway's on 'Sexy' New Man: He 'Really Has It Going On'

Actress Anne Hathaway seems to have moved on from her troubled ex-boyfriend Raffaello Follieri and tells People magazine that she even has a ‘sexy’ new mystery man in her life.

“This guy I know in L.A. is kind of doing it for me right now, “Hathaway reportedly told People. “When I think of sexy, I think of him.”

Still, Hathaway’s new romance isn’t quite serious yet, People reported, but she still thinks he really has it “going on.”

“You know when sometimes you don’t know someone very well – you’ll probably never see them again – but you just meet them and you’re like “WOW, you really have it going on?”

“I’m totally single right now,” she told People. “But I happened to meet a sexy guy the other day.”

According to People, Hathaway is scheduled to appear on-screen with another sexy man, Johnny Depp, in the new Tim Burton film adaptation of Alice in Wonderland.

“I hope I don’t faint. I’m wearing a corset which is difficult enough, but then to have to wear a corset and be short-breathed around Johnny Depp?"

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