Anna Paquin's All Grown Up in July Issue of 'Self'

Anna Paquin is showing a lot of skin these days.

First, the actress best known for winning an Oscar at age 11, went topless in her hit HBO series "True Blood."

Now she has posed for a fun bikini beach photo shoot for the July issue of Self .

PHOTOS: Click for pics from the Self photo shoot, and more photos of Anna through the years.

“After I was cast [in "True Blood"] and realized my body would be exposed all the time, I went out and bought some shorts—I owned none!—to help me get used to it,” she told the magazine.

And used to it she has become. Her role as Sookie, which involves the aforementioned nudity, as well as lots of stunt work in miniskirts, has helped her shed any inhibitions she may have had.

“You stop thinking, 'do I look weird at this angle?'” she says. “I’ve learned to feel very comfortable wearing very little. It’s liberating!”

But its not like Paquin, now 26, has led a sheltered life. "Growing up in New Zealand, I was always very much a barefoot kid,” she said.

Now, the bare part just goes a little higher than her feet!

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