Anna Nicole Smith Psychiatrist Forced to Close Office Amid Financial Woes

Dr. Khristine Eroshevic, the Anna Nicole Smith pal who allegedly wrote 11 different prescriptions found in the former model's hotel room after her death, was forced to close one of her three Los Angeles-area offices last month, sources close to the doctor told FOX News.

Apparently, what was once a thriving business is now just hobbling along. Sources said Eroshevich was accustomed to seeing a few patients a day ... but now that's dwindled to a few each month.

The doctor, who is at the center of a Drug Enforcement Agency investigation, blames it on bad press and the fallout from being accused of filling a medicine cabinet on behalf of the Marilyn Monroe-wannabe pin-up girl.

Eroshevich, meanwhile, has threatened to sue any media outlet that she deems responsible for ruining her reputation.

Sources also said Eroshevich is planning to sell her Studio City, Calif., home where she was a neighbor of Smith's and move to New York. She's apparently depressed and simply wants to cut her losses.

FOX News has also learned that lawyers for Eroshevich have been in contact with the DEA. The feds have told reps for the doctor that by law they have five years to file charges against her.

On Tuesday, Eroshevich boarded a plane for the Bahamas, where she will spend a week with Smith's former companion Howard K. Stern.

Stern is the subject of a shocking new book accusing him of having had a sexual liaison with the father of Smith's baby, Larry Birkhead.

Stern, who had claimed to be the father of Smith's baby daughter Dannielynn before Birkhead was proven to be her biological father, and Birkhead both plan to sue the author of the book, which also claims the two men worked together after Smith's death to manipulate the media and maximize profits.