Ann Coulter on Sen. Boxer flap

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GLENN BECK, HOST: Now, I thought to myself, who would be the best guest to just savor this moment with me. You know what, if we could get anybody — but I think syndicated columnist and author of the best-selling book "Guilty as Sin," Ann Coulter would be the one.

Hi, Ann.


BECK: How are you?

COULTER: Thank you.

That was — that was like the...

BECK: Pudding?

COULTER: No, I'm holding out for cookie dough this time.


BECK: She doesn't eat anything.

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COULTER: I'm holding out... this is the video representation of the "Liberal Victims and Their Assault on America."

BECK: Hold on just a second. You won't have pudding with me? You didn't have a cookie the last time.

COULTER: Can we please talk about the beautiful episode you just showed?

BECK: It was. It was erotic. To me, it was like pudding. Maybe some people would say it was erotic. Cigarette?

COULTER: Now, that I'll take!

BECK: OK, here you go. Go ahead. Anybody have a match? Go ahead.

All right. So, let's talk about it.

COULTER: OK. This is the thing about — I'm becoming your go-to gal on Barbara Boxer, by the way. I talked about that last time, too.

BECK: Yes. I know. I know.

COULTER: And I wonder, she also mentioned this in part of her defense, because if you're a liberal, you have to cite, you know, which victims are related to you. When the official victim category that her husband is a veteran, too. I wonder if she makes him call her senator.

BECK: I don't — I don't want to know that.

COULTER: Do not call me ma'am!

BECK: That's really — that's probably too much information for me.

COULTER: But this is — this is the liberal world view: To have an opinion, you must be part of an officially certified victim group. And so, Barbara Boxer sees a black testifying before her and she thinks it's appropriate to cite other blacks.

BECK: Right.


BECK: I just want to say this — America, I want you to know, if I may just speak to you just directly, Barbara Boxer may be watching right now, but I may have Ann Coulter on, but Barbara is proud that Ann is on. I think she's proud.

COULTER: That was one of her best moments when she told Alford that the head of, what was it, the head of 100 Black Men of Atlanta, would be proud that you, sir, are testifying here today.


BECK: I understand he drove himself here, too! That's good. Look at that. That is fantastic.

COULTER: And he was fan fantastic. And, by the way, he like the Hispanic plaintiff in Ricci. And yesterday — I must say — Senator Lindsey Graham did a similar thing with Sonia Sotomayor. He pointed out that the Puerto Rican Legal Defense Fund had taken very left-wing positions on abortion, how women's abortion forums, abortion be subsidized, very left-wing positions on death penalties, how it was to be abolished because applied unfairly to minorities.

And he said to her — now, do you know any Hispanics who oppose abortion? And do you know any Puerto Ricans...


COULTER: ...who support the death penalty? So, you're not really defending Puerto Ricans there. It's just — we call ourselves Puerto Ricans to promote left-wing positions, which is the theme of this book: "Liberal Victims and Their Assault on America."

They claim victim status to create real victims as Sotomayor did with Ricci.

BECK: Let me ask you this — let me ask you this: the NAACP, because I happen to agree with, watch his face, that was there from the Black Chamber of Commerce.

COULTER: Alford.

BECK: Yes. And when he said, "What is the NAACP have to — this is energy."


BECK: "What does it have to do?"


BECK: Do you know — do you know, NAACP, "colored people" the C.P., colored.


BECK: Are green people because we're talking green energy.


BECK: Did Barbara Boxer...

COULTER: Now you see.

BECK: ...misunderstanding, she's like, I thought green was a color?

COULTER: No, you have to come to the correct person on this.

BECK: Yes.

COULTER: Because I will give you the official ranking of liberal victimology.


COULTER: The (INAUDIBLE) or whatever vermin the greens are trying to protect with this energy bill would rank below a black person who are — and blacks are the original uncertified victims, because unlike the rest of them, they really were victims. They haven't really been helped by liberals. But they, at least, you know, there was slavery, there was Jim Crow.

Don't tell me gays, women, immigrants — they have suffered at the hands of America the way blacks did. That's why everybody wants to be black as Larry King said about his son — as if being Larry King's son isn't being victim enough.

BECK: Does everybody want to be black?

COULTER: That's just — liberals do, because that's the official, the top victim status. So that being black trumps being an insect.

BECK: I think this is spiraling out of control. I really do.

COULTER: I am explaining how liberals and now you understand that entire exchange. It is incomprehensible otherwise.

BECK: That was from Mars. The whole damn thing was from Mars. That's not from a country that.

COULTER: And once you have the liberal victimology playbook, it all makes sense. Why does she cite that her husband is a veteran?

BECK: America, nothing in America surprises me.

All right. Ann, thanks a lot.

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