Angelina Jolie's Twins Getting 'Smiley'

With six kids and a thriving career, you'd forgive working mom Angelina Jolie if she wasn't totally up to date on her brood's every developmental milestone.

But Brad Pitt's main squeeze told reporters at the DVD release of her animated movie "Kung Fu Panda" on Sunday that she's been noticing big changes in twins Knox and Vivienne.

Click for photos of Angelina Jolie at the "Kung Fu Panda" DVD release.

The tikes are "starting to get very smiley," the supermom told the assembled press. "They're at that [stage] where their personality really starts to shine."

Jolie went on to tell People Magazine that all of her children were fans of "Panda." "It's brought a lot of joy to children, and to my children, absolutely," Jolie told the magazine. "My kids love it. They're very very proud, they've got mom [Tigress] dolls."

Click for photos of a very pregnant-with-twins Angelina at the "Kung Fu Panda" Cannes premiere.

But the Jolie-Pitts don't have to confine their movie viewing to mom and dad's films. Jolie told Us Magazine that Saturday she took the kids, sans dad Brad, to see the weekend's #1 film, Madagascar 2.

Maybe those Tigress dolls will have some penguins to play with soon.