Angelia and Billy Bob, Elvis and Johnny Depp

Angelia and Billy Bob's doomed marriage, Elvis' tooth and Johnny Depp's booty in The Foxlight.

We know it's over but how over is it? Angelina Jolie says if she were to see Billy Bob Thornton again, she wouldn't know "what to talk with him about."

The Lara Croft Tomb Raider actress tells Barbara Walters on Friday's 20/20 that she and Thornton are "very different people." Their marriage started to unravel before Jolie adopted a child from Cambodia. She says now she doesn't know if she's "meant for marriage."

It's too bad Jolie and Thornton aren't still together because they were creepy enough to actually bid on this next item: One of Elvis' teeth is for sale on ebay. I'm not kidding. And get this, the bidding started at $100,000 and is reportedly up to almost $500,000. A former Elvis fiancee had it first, then Presely museum had it and now it belongs to a private collector. If you want to leave the building with it, hurry, the bidding closes July 15.

Finally, forget all the fun I made of Johnny Depp's mascara-laden character in Pirates of the Caribbean. I predicted doom for this thing because of the Tammy Faye look for Depp and because pirate movies rarely make any booty at the box office. But USA Today says 'Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of fun,' and other buzz says this will be a big hit. I'm glad for Depp who is one our greatest actors. Rent Blow if you haven't already seen it.